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4WS.Platform is a product designed to quickly create web and mobile applications. Applications can be easily created through a App Designer , included in the suite, used to graphically define the application content, in terms of GUI, web services and business logic. The product is really easy to use, so that the skills required to develop an application are dramatically reduced , as well as the time-to-market required to build a fully working application. 4WS.Platform is a multi-device,multi-user, multi-language and cross operating system solution . The development of an application through the App Designer consists of the generation of a set of metadata stored in a database repository, operation carried out behind the scenes, when the user is graphically configuring the app. This data can be interpreted by the second part of the product: the web or mobile interpreter. The web GUI provided by the web interpreter is very rich, fast and interactive , ensuring an amazing user experience, comparable with the one available with the classical desktop applications. Technologies used by 4WS.Platform are the most modern, based on the JEE platform release 5-6 and Java 11, including an Object-to-relational mapper on the server side and an Ajax based GUI on the web layer. Unlike other similar solutions, 4WS.Platform is not limited to what can be defined graphically through its App Designer: it has been designed since the beginning to allow the injection of custom code that can be optionally embedded along with the rest of the configured functionalities. In this way, there is virtually no limit in what can be developed by means of 4WS.Platform! In order to facilitate and reduce the development time of the custom code, an SDK, named Warp, is included together with 4WS.Platform. It is a java based framework, used to develop 4WS.Platform and that can be used also to code the custom part of the application. This design choice ensures that the custom code is perfectly embedded and can work with the interpreted functionalities.
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